Dyno Tuning

BDS Motorcycles Ltd Dyno Tuning caters for road, track day riders and race competitors alike, from a simple power check to race bike set up. Our state-of-the-art motorcycle dyno tuning centre also provides invaluable in-house research and development facilities for motorcycle race engines.

Tuning on a dyno is the safest and only way to properly ensure that your bike is running the way it should be. Our dyno can also be used to isolate running problems in a safe and controlled environment. The real-world benefits delivered by our motorcycle dyno testing, tuning and set-up facilities are more than just an increase in top-end performance for your bike, you’ll also realise improved smoothness, responsiveness and efficiency in all riding conditions.

BDS Motorcycles Ltd can also supply and fit power commanders, Price available upon request. 

Power run for a bike is £40, however, prices can vary depending on the type of service you require.