What is included in our MOT's?
Here at BDS, we perform MOT's that meet the needs of the customer. We perform high quality tasks that include all of the regulations within the required checklist. This includes lights, steering and suspension, wheels and tyres, frame, braking, exhaust system, fuel system, seats, wheel alignment, sidecars (when fitted), horn, registration plates, vehicle identification and frame numbers, drive chain and sprocket, throttle, clutch lever, and footrests.

What is included in our services?
We do 3 types of services......
- A bronze service £70 + parts + VAT
- A silver service £130 + parts + VAT
- A gold service £198 + parts + VAT

50cc/125cc scooter service

- Engine oil

- Valve clearances 

- Coolant reservoir

- Oil filter

- Fuel filter

- Gear oil

- Throttle play

- Control cables condition

- Carburetor (if applicable)
- Fuel injection (if applicable)
- Air filter
- Spark plug
- Brake system
- Brake hose condition
- Brake fluid
- Chain & sprocket
- Belt & rollers
- Suspension
- Tyre pressures
- Wheel bearings
- Headrace bearings
- Side stand switch
- Screws & bolts
- Electrical system
- Battery
- Diagnostic check FI only
- Road test


- Replace oil and filter                                               

- Check fuel lines                                                                                                      
- Check throttle operation                                                                                        
- Check idle speed                                               
- Check cooling system                                                                                                                                               
- Check chain wear and adjustment                                                                                                                      
- Check break fluid and top up
- Check clutch fluid and top up
- Check brake pad wear
- Grease all moving parts
- Check break system
- Remove and clean brake calipers
- Check all electrics
- Check tyres for depth and condition
- Check wheel bearings
- Check suspension and bearings
- Check bodywork condition
- Road test

Includes everything in a bronze service and;
- Replace spark plugs
- Replace air filter

- Top & tail nut, bolt & fasteners check

Includes everything in a silver service and;
- Check and adjust valve clearances
- Check carb/throttle body adjustment

- Replace coolant
- Replace brake fluid
- Diagnostics check

Please note that these prices may vary depending on which bike is being serviced. Quad and Buggie services are also available