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A timeless design just got better. The all-new C1002V re-imagines the cruiser motorcycle aesthetic while staying true to its classic biker roots. Powered by a roaring 997cc engine tucked into a laid-back silhouette, this modern muscle bike delivers great times on the road.

Not your typical cruiser, the C1002V boasts current-day reliability and attractive touches with a futuristic slant. Riders enjoy the swept-back handlebars, raked front end, and double tailpipes that we’ve come to know and love from comfortable cruisers. With a low ride height, the dark bottom edge of the bike allows the upper details on the fuel tank to catch the eye. Whether you’re planning for it to be your daily rider or companion on weekend getaways, this cruiser is the perfect escape.

At the heart of this cruiser sits a mighty 997cc 4-stoke V-twin engine with cylinders positioned at 80°. The open chassis shows off the powerful motor that’s capable of a maximum speed of 198 km/h and puts out 70kW at 7600 rpm. The liquid-cooled system and 6-speed transmission deliver pace via a belt drive for a dependable and low-maintenance ride. The Bosch electronic fuel injection system ensures precise performance every time. The full-colour 5” TFT digital dashboard brings new technology to an old-school- inspired build so you can easily see all your ride metrics at once.

To achieve unrivalled levels of comfort and stability, the C1002V depends on a plush suspension package and updated wheelset. The KYB upside-down telescopic fork provides 120mm of travel and the KYB Pro- link rear shock offers 90mm of cushion to soak up road buzz and bumps. The 130/70R18 front and ultra-wide 240/40VR18 rear Metzeler rubber for a sturdy and controlled ride while the silver and black rims complete the modern look. The front wheel doubles down on the strongest braking system available composed of dual 320mm disc rotors. Both wheels feature J.Juan calipers with Bosch ABS system to achieve safe, predictable braking no matter the conditions. The top-placed passenger seat doubles as a backrest for the main rider and there are footrests for a classic, relaxed cruiser posture.

MBP has refined the classic cruiser style, updating the ride feel with a thunderous V-twin engine and sleek aesthetic. The all-new C1002V sets expectations ablaze and lets riders roam free on the open roads.

Like modern car models, MBP motorcycles incorporate IOT technology with a geolocation positioning system (GPS) and Cellular connection in collaboration with the specialized firm Motwi(tm) Technologies. All MBP's is equipped with MCU’s (Motorcycle Connectivity Unit) with dedicated connection including an initial free of charge plan that may vary depending on the model and the country. The so-called "MBP Connect", is an exclusive App that, through pre-registration and activation, MBP’s owners can enjoy new security tools such as the vibration and movement sensor system, remote shutdown and a panic button. Other features of the app enhance the enjoyment among the exclusive community in group rides, MBP’s support chat and full Moto-Metrics. The app automatically updates all the routes without the need for a blue tooth connection, since the motorcycles has its own internet connection service

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Introducing the SC125RE, a new scooter by MBP that combines retro-inspired design with cutting-edge technology. This stylish model effortlessly glides through the city streets, sure to catch the attention of onlookers with its curated color options and sleek lines. Its compact size and classic aesthetic make it the perfect choice for riders seeking a stylish yet practical mode of transportation. Equipped with a powerful 124.6cc engine, the SC125RE delivers an exhilarating top speed of 92 km/h. Whether you're navigating busy urban roads or running errands, this scooter offers plenty of power with its 8.3kW engine that operates at 8500 rpm. The lateral-mounted liquid-cooling system ensures optimal performance for years to come, without compromising on reliability.

The automatic CVT transmission eliminates the need for manual gear shifts, allowing riders to fully enjoy the smooth ride. The SC125RE's eye-catching silhouette pays homage to retro models while incorporating modern components. With its spacious footwell and sleek lateral fenders, this scooter exudes a trendy European vibe. The distinctive paint option sets it apart from the competition, while the high-positioned headlamp and vertical taillight add a touch of elegance to the tapered rear end. Featuring 12" aluminum wheels and 120/70-12 tires both in the front and rear, the SC125RE ensures exceptional stability and traction. The front 200mm disc brake and rear 190mm rotor are equipped with ABS technology, providing riders with a confident and safe stopping experience.

This durable wheelset and reliable rubber not only perform well but also add to the scooter's overall aesthetic. The SC125RE offers a comfortable and controlled ride with its flat double-seat design that provides ample space for a passenger. The centerpiece of the scooter is its futuristic central dashboard, seamlessly integrated into the cockpit and displaying all essential ride metrics. With easily accessible controls and the added safety features of road tires and dual disc brakes, this scooter offers a confident and enjoyable ride for both beginners and seasoned riders. The SC125RE effortlessly combines a classic look with urban practicality